Pipe was loved by many and will be missed by many. Our lives will never be the same. Run free with Odin across the rainbow bridge. We’ll love you always, our forever puppy.

Nicknames: Mr. Dew, Pip, Pipey-Dew, Dew, Dewie, Pig Newton, Darnell. The list is endless.
Pet parents: Natasha & Corey
Siblings: Human siblings Emily and Coady. Four legged angel brother Odin, his 7 little reptile friends especially Raine & Quinn
Favourite toys: Earl the squirrel, beany boos, Gretchen, Peter & his grey kong balls
Birth/gotcha date: 2017-06-28
Death date: 2022-09-27
Favourite Activity: Swimming and ‘picking’ blueberries, trips to Starbucks for a pup cup.
Favourite food: Pizza
Least favourite thing: Rain
Friends: Nan & Pop, Aunt Yo, The baristas at Starbucks

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