Pearl was a precious little girl who was loved by everyone. She once was a stray, she was deaf, had frostbitten ears and she had an eye condition that the vets could not cure. I became her foster mom one year, and I fell in love with her so much, that I couldn’t let her go. I adopted her and everyday she was kissed and hugged. She was my little shadow, waited in the window for me everyday till I got home from work and she loved KFC chicken. We are all heartbroken and very sad. There will be no other furbaby like her. Love you always baby girl. xo.

Nicknames: Pearly Whirley, Mama
Pet parents: Jerrie and Dwayne George
Siblings: Cookie, Oreo, Bluey, Dixie, Nicky, Toya, Chowder
Favourite toys: white mouse on a string
Birth/gotcha date: 2016-09-01
Death date: 2022-09-08
Favourite Activity: following her mom
Favourite food: KFC Chicken
Least favourite thing: fans

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