Daphne Harrison

Has to be the day I was looking for a kitty & she was the last Kat I looked at in the shelter at the SPCA in Gregoire in Ft. McMurray, Alberta back in 2008.She was roughly a year old when I adopted her & because she was a stray there was no way to find out when she was born. All I know she was born some time in 2007 & I adopted her on May 26/2008 & we been together since. Bringing her home having someone to watch grow into the best loving therapy kitty I could ever ask for. I adopted her not long after my dad had been up for a visit & it was hard not having any family up away but when I got Daphne well she brought me joy knowing everything would be alright. When we moved home in 2010 she had a new adjustment to her new home but had a better life here for 9 years until I lost my baby after 12 and a half years together. It has been so hard with out her & I miss her terribly. When she passed my only wish was she was to be cremated & brought home. The staff at Angel paws were so far beyond helpful in what I wanted on every lil thing which was more then I could ask for. I was in tears before going to angel paws because it was not the time to have her leave when i had to go plan for her to be cremated & I was in tears the day I picked Daphne up to come home. My kitty was my world & we had more then a pet/owner relationship & Daphne always made my bad days good & my good days even better. I can’t thank Angel paws enough for what they done

Pet’s name: Daphne
Pet parents: Geoff Harrison
Favourite toys: Soccer ball, stuffed mice
Birth/gotcha date: 2008-05-26
Death date: 2020-09-24
Favourite Activity: Looking out the living room window
Favourite food: Whiskies
Least favourite thing: Tummy rub

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